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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Ok I'm back...well I've been home since Monday night. However I caught a nasty cold from all those sick college kids & am just feeling good enough to actually get stuff done again...phew!  Thought I'd just share some pictures of our trip with you & check in and say HI!

Also thanks to everyone that played along in my fun Paddywax Candle game.....I know you've been waiting so the winner (picked randomly of course) is:


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In case you didn't know the hubs & I left on Thursday morning last week to spend some time at the Univ of SC with our daughter...who we hadn't seen in 3 months. We came back Monday and now are counting down the days till Thanksgiving when we are all together again.  My son stayed at home because he had other things he preferred doing LOL!

 Me & my mini-me....reunited again!

Friday night was Halloween so Alexa was out with her friends. She was a flapper & her best bud Reid was "2000 Justin Timberlake" LOL!  The hubs & I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary at Cafe Garibaldi in Columbia, SC (highly recommend it) instead...I had a glass of wine, some yummy food and oh! they MAKE their mozzarella & ricotta die for!

My son & his girlfriend were back at home at a costume party. They dressed up as Squints & Wendy Peffercorn from "The Sandlot" movie. She looks about 12 next to him, not 17 LOL!

Saturday night was the Gamecocks game against first SEC college game & it didn't disappoint...really fun...minus the 38 deg temps & wind.

This is me freezing my patootie off....I was frozen by half-time. We left at the end of 3rd quarter because it was miserable...oh and we were winning when we left...then they lost...guess I should've stayed huh? LOL!

Here's a little video of the pre-game madness...I particularly love the student section and their choreographed dance LOL! And NO that is not me screaming, I was too cold...the student section is on the right and that stadium holds like 85,000 people and the cement risers were SHAKING. Even with the cold temps it was a sold-out game...craziness like I've never experienced!
The tailgating at SEC games is out of this nothing I've seen before.  Univ of SC has multiple tailgating lots and they were filled with tents, food, tvs, name it. This is the "Cockaboose" that they have next to stadium and you can rent each one for your pre-game party...insanely cool!

Alexa was at game with her 2 best guy friends in the student section...none of the other girls wanted to come because of the cold. But my daughter is a die-hard football fan like us so she was there...but they left in the 3rd...wimps...hehehe!

Meanwhile back at home, Riley was at the Notre Dame vs Navy game in DC with our neighbor. It was actually warmer at home than in SC...c'mon now. I woke up to SNOW in SC on Saturday....last week my daughter was at the pool....sheesh!

The last night there we took Alexa & her friends out to dinner...with real food apparently...because they are sick of dining hall food.  Although said dining hall food is pretty darn delicious from when I went to school.  But we had a good time, lots of laughs & it was nice to meet her new friends...good kids!

Alexa's Room

her roomie's room

And I'd be remiss if I didn't show you my daughter's dorm apartment...well her and her roomie's bedrooms.  Alexa's wasn't too bad although I know she cleaned before we got there LOL...her roommates room is more what I expect my son's to look like in college. 

Have a wonderful week y'all!



  1. Suzanne! I think I am the winner!!! But I don't think your email address is right! I But it didn't work! I will try .net.
    THANK YOU so much!!!
    My email is

  2. Such fun pics! Alexa's room looks fantastic!!

    1. At least it was semi-clean & you could still find things LOL..her roomie's ummm not so much!


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