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Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Thoughts....

A pic I took on my daily walks through my neighborhood


Ok here we go......

If you love yoga or want to learn this article which has some good & eye-opening points in it.  I started with Gaiam's 14 Day Beginner Yoga challenge....workouts every day along with articles to get you started off right. You can get a free trial of Gaiam TV and then its $9.95 a month...I really love the site, videos & articles.  And also check out this book...its free with the Kindle Unlimited Plan!
Helped this girl out immensely!

If you love country music...check out Sam Hunt's new album. He's been an amazing songwriter for so many huge artists but he can rock it "Break Up In a Small Town".  (and yeah, he's easy on the ole' eyes too..hehe)

One of my favorite new home-decor blogs is "Jenna Sue"....check out her before pictures of her home they've redone. It ALMOST makes me want to kick my bum in gear and finish up my home projects that are lingering hahaha!

If you haven't had a chance to see the movie "Chef"...please do.  Its a really good movie with a huge ensemble cast of awesome talent (including the hot..umm fab Robert Downey Jr).


Do you like to snack but are watching what you put in your mouth but need some fresh ideas? Then check out GRAZE - I started a subscription to GRAZE online and they ship pre-packed, healthy snacks to me every week.  I love the variety and getting to try new spend a few minutes going through their foods and favoriting things so they know what you love & hate.  I figured I'd try it for 3-4 months to get used to portion sizes and different snack foods and then work from there on my own.  If you decide to try it...use BETTERHG as the promotional code to get your first box of snacks free.

Vests are all the rage this fall/winter...I have a few that I've had for a few years but felt I needed a red one to add to the ole collection, hehehe.  You can find them everywhere and some are quite pricey.  But I found these vests at Old Navy for a good price and fit great...they are only $25 right now. The heavier padded ones are nice too, but both have fleece lining...see the heavier ones HERE (only $20)


And now that the cold weather is starting to creep on in....its time to pull out the fuzzy & warm pjs...well at least for me.  I add a new pair to my collection every year and you just can't go wrong with THESE from Nordstroms (I got the pink cowgirl ones...yeehaw..but I see they are sold out now bummer)!

And last but not least....if you read my blog you will especially understand my need to post this:

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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  1. We had a similar thing to "Graze" in Australia - I bought it for my mum and brother-in-law as gifts too


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