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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Steal It......

Do you like a steal?  A great bargain?  
I know I sure do. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite buys from the site Decor Steals.  Its a flash sale site that emails you the "steal" each day and they are usually a good bargain compared to what you will find them in the stores for.  I don't buy every steal...sheesh my husband would kill me lol. However I have bought quite a few this year that are some of my most fave things.  I like the unique finds they offer.

My one tip would be:  if you really love it, don't hesitate. I've done that a few times and lost out because they've sold out of the item. So I check right away for my email each day and if I can't live without it or will regret not having it I put it in my cart.  Lots of popular items like the holiday pillows sold out within the first few hours.

If you'd like to join you can click the LINK HERE and once you sign up for an account you will get $5 off your first order.  There is no obligation to buy a steal EVER...if you like it you buy it, if you don't then just delete the email LOL!  But if you like unique finds for your home then I would suggest you try it out.

I just received these pillows this week and I ADORE them.  They look like vintage feed sacks but are super soft.  The backside of the Reindeer pillow has the song lyrics to Rudolph so both sides are pretty.

The blue-grayish lanterns were bought from them as well...they sit on top of my media center.

And I love my little hobby horse...they offered it in different sizes. This one is sitting near my fireplace right now, but once I get my foyer Christmas tree up it will sit with the other vintage toys in front of it.

Love these whitewashed metal baskets...the smaller one holds fruit in my kitchen, the med one will be ready for holiday greenery and the large holds magazines in my bedroom.

And I love this will be filled with greenery & twinkle lights in a few weeks.

Those are just a few of my faves I've gotten from them this year.  I have others including more holiday items that I will share as I start decorating for Christmas.

Enjoy your is COLD here in Virgina!!



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