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Friday, November 21, 2014

Getcha In The Mood......

GET in the Christmas mood my sillies....hahahaha!
I think I'm ready...I wasn't at all last week but definitely feeling the pull of the Christmas fun now.  The hub's birthday is tomorrow and both he and our son left for South Carolina Thursday night.  They are heading to see Alexa at UofSC, go to the last Gamecocks football game and do "guy stuff".  Guy stuff for them means trips to Sonic, Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, Cabela's and Bass Pro shops...whatever floats their boat right? LOL!

I'm staying home because I wanted them to have some guy time...Riley will be off to college in another year and I felt it was important for them to have some bonding time.  Plus I have a million & one projects I want to work on with NO distractions.  And did I mention girlie movies and easy dinners in the evenings ;)  Plus Alexa flies in on Tuesday for the holiday so I want to get a few things ready before she gets here.

So to help you get in the mood for Christmas I'm going to leave you with two holiday songs by Pentatonix....I friggin love them.  They sing a cappella and have a beautiful Christmas album out now.  So bring forth the Christmas trees, boxes of decorations, cranberry-fir candles and more. 

Oh and enjoy your weekend!! TGIF!

IT'S SOOO COLD HERE so I will be doing this a lot while out with the doggies.



  1. Enjoy your weekend by yourself. Thanks for sharing these videos by Pentatonix. They are awesome. Little Drummer Boy is my very favorite Christmas Carol. I have saved it so I will be able to listen to over and over as I want to.

  2. Enjoy your weekend - hope you get lots done!

  3. You were right. This group is great. Love it and have to get it. Thanks for letting us see the videos and hear them. Edna Wish I knew how to save it. Edna

  4. Hi, Suzanne. Stay warm and safe. I hope the guys have safe travels too.
    Love Pentatonix voices, so beautiful. I'll have to add this album to my list.


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