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Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas to youuuuuu.....


Hi friends!  I'm just popping in here really quick!  I had a few more blog posts planned and I may still get 1 or 2 up before Christmas. However my goal this month was to NOT stress or feel I had to do things instead of enjoying my family and this time.  And I don't have photos edited and time to get everything typed up.  Instead I'm having that time to spend with my kids and husband watching holiday movies, baking, driving around looking at holiday lights, wrapping gifts and just enjoying everything that the Season brings.

So I thought I'd share a few pics of random things our family likes to do during the Holiday Season!
You can see how I decorate our house HERE if you wish....I haven't included all the trees in that post but the ones I did put up this year look the same minus the family room tree which is the only REAL tree we get.  Family traditions are very important to me and our family..they are what makes the Season Bright & Super Special!


I wanted to share a few pics of our Christmas tree farm adventure...which is always lots of fun for our family.  We've been going since they were babies and its just one of my favorite holiday traditions.

It was a beautiful but COLD day and snow was still on the ground...which meant lots of mud!

The boys chopped the tree down and dragged it to the barn to be shaken & baled!

Meanwhile Alexa & I run back to the truck to get warm and take some selfies...hahaha!

I have a "thing" for red barns and I love them....they are a must take a photo for me. Maybe one day I'll have my own red barn ;)

Here's Alexa adding her decorations to the tree...this year's tree is 14 ft so we had to use a ladder which is always an adventure of sorts.

There's just something about a real tree...smells so good and looks so nice!  The tree skirt I use each year for the family room tree was made by my mom for our engagement it will be a family heirloom one day for the kids.

We also went to see the ICE! Show at the National Harbor Gaylord over Thanksgiving weekend.  We've been going ever since they've hosted them (7 years I believe) and it is another favorite family tradition.  This year it was Frosty the Snowman and YES I did the ice slide this year too :)

We stayed at the Gaylord National Harbor for Thanksgiving & had dinner in Alexandria...I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving and we usually go somewhere instead to celebrate as a family.  We got to ride the Eye at the Harbor which was fun...if you follow me on Facebook you prob saw the video of ummm Alexa singing...loudly LOL!

You can't visit National Harbor without a stop at the Peeps store to stock up of course ;)

Then I got to go to the Ritz for a Holiday Tea with my two best girlfriends.  It was so much fun and I def ate more sugar than I should've...tis the Season right?

The other night Alexa & I went to the Alamo Drafthouse for their "Elf" movie quote-sing-along with our friends.  We LOVE going to quote-alongs and we've done "Dirty Dancing" and "Pitch Perfect" as well.  They give you fun props and you get to eat yummy foods...always a good time!

I also have a thing for Santas...I have quite a few around my house (maybe 12, 14??).  This is my newest one from Decor Steals...I loved his burlap banner.  The canvas/burlap trees I made last year HERE.

This is the living room tree this year...see the cat in the back..yeah they can't wait to lay on the tree skirt.  With 6 cats I've never had issues with them climbing the trees, but they do like to bat at ornaments now and again.  And that babydoll & rocking chair are mine from my childhood.

One of our 2014 family ornaments from our trip to Disney World this summer!  I love looking at photo ornaments from past years...such a treasure to have on the tree.

And this dog...Baylee loves lights...I mean she loves them. So her favorite part of the holidays is when I string lights on all the trees, she wags her tail & "helps' me LOL!

We are also very serious about our Holiday Movie Watching in the Dean house.  We have a schedule we follow and usually have some "treats" while watching.  This year its homemade popcorn in the Dutch Oven with different toppings and homemade hot cocoa with lots of Cool-Whip!  Our holiday faves include Elf, Home Alone 1 & 2, The Grinch, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, It's A Wonderful Life, Rudolph, A Christmas Carol and lots of sappy Hallmark movies like Mrs. Miracle :)

The front door wreath this year...I just love it!

So I'm not sure if I will be back before the New Year and wanted to say a big 

With the kids being older and Alexa being home on break, this time of year I really want to soak it all up and not worry about things that don't need to happen for the world to keep turning LOL!

This is a slightly blurry version (thx scanner) of our Christmas card this year that I wanted to share with you all!

Please take the time to slow down, breathe, and just enjoy all the moments.
Wishing you lots of love, laughter, peace and joy over the holiday!



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Suzanne. I just love all the treasured times and photos you share with us online. We have so many things in common. Hope your Holiday is filled with love family, joy and peace. MWAH!

  2. Love your trees and holiday decorations! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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