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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Few of My Fave Holiday Gift Ideas....


I just wanted to share a few fun gift ideas that I may have picked up this year for those on my gift list or things I saw that I think would make the perfect gifts.  Last minute ideas and nothing is super expensive!  If you have a super gift idea please leave a comment so we can all see as well....I love new ideas! daughter flies in today from college and gets to stay home for a month..whoohoo!

I discovered these a couple months ago and quickly ordered one for myself.  They are a FANTASTIC and trendy version of a fanny pack for anyone on the go.  I use mine for my phone when I'm out walking or at a yoga class.  They have a zippered pocket that can hold money, ID or keys and then your phone/iPod tucks in as well.  They come in tons of styles and patterns (even swimming versions) and run about $24 each.  So for someone on your list that loves to walk, exercise or just go anywhere really..they are perfect!

The Spice House

Love these spices...concentrated, always great in recipes and so many varieties.  The spices come in so many flavors including mixtures you may have never heard of.   The gift boxes make lovely gifts for your favorite chef or grill-fanatic...or just pick up a few bottles to stick in gift baskets or stockings will LOVE them!

Reusable Juice Boxes

I love items that can be REUSED and while my teens don't drink juice boxes anymore, these are a fun idea for a mom or kid on your holiday list.  After seeing what was in the bottom of some of those packaged juice boxes a couple years ago (MOLD)...I don't think I could ever drink one again.  These are cute, easily replenished and perfect for your kids (or grandbabies).

Portable Bluetooth Speaker (splash proof)

These speakers are great quality, work pretty much anywhere you need to listen to your music.  Great stocking stuffer for teens that you know they will love.  Heck, I want one for myself too!  A few different fun colors as well.

Ticket Stub Diary

I have a ton of tickets from events our family goes to every year in a tix, concerts, etc.  Yep, in just a big box..sitting there...but in a box.  So I thought what a great idea to have a ticket book for each year.  If you scrapbook or Project Life you may like to record them another way. For me at this moment in my life..I know I can handle sticking them in a book once a month and being DONE!

Tea Bag Buddy

I love this little gadget myself... perfect for anyone that loves tea, its a great gift for under $6.
It holds your tea bag while steeping & keeping your tea hot.
Then you can use it to squeeze the teabag and hold it afterwards.
Cute little video on all the fun things it does is here...and it comes in other cute colors!

Shea Butter Cream
Coiled Paper Trivet

I'm a huge fan of fair trade items, especially those made by women in other countries...those starting a business or supporting their families.  And I always buy a few things every year from Ten Thousand Villages...each product has a description of who made it, how and why.  So you are buying a gift for someone AND helping someone else as!  These were the two items I purchased this holiday for some folks on my gift list. I have two of the paper trivets myself and I love them...they've held up well for over 5 years and they just look cool on the table :)

Selfie Poles

Super fun idea for your teens or anyone that loves taking selfies with their phones!
This one has a button on the handle to easily click a photo.  I can't take credit for this friend Sally got me one for Christmas this year and I thought it was a fantastic idea!

Personalized Cutting Boards

I love personalized gifts whether they be for a wedding, Christmas, birth or just because.
I got myself a small engraved bar board a couple months ago and I just love it.  You can never have enough cutting boards in my opinion...use them for parties, use them everyday, or use them to display.  Etsy has so many gorgeous options but I liked this store the shapes and sizes and so many ways to engrave each one.  Perfect gift for someone anytime of the year.

Board Games
My family are HUGE fans of board/card games...we play them over the holidays, on vacations and any other time we are all together.  It is a fun way to connect without technology and really have some laughs and enjoy each other.  We always have a game night on Christmas Eve after we are all snuggled in our new pajammies, drinking some hot cocoa and waiting for Santa.
This Bounce Off game is pretty popular and for under $15 a good addition to your game supply.
May we also recommend a few of our family's favorites too:  Scattegories, The Logo Game, Wits & Wagers, Say Anything and last but not least....Cards Against Humanity (for older teens & adults please lol).

Chapstick Holders

I got all of Alexa's friends one of these for this Christmas.  I thought they were super cute and filled them with their favorite Peppermint Chapsticks.  Cute stocking stuffer gift for any age.  I bought mine on a flash-steal site but found these on Etsy in the same fun patterns.



  1. Love the ideas ! I don't think I can get most of them tho in Canada, :( booooo lol

  2. Such cool ideas! On a recent trip to Beijing with 92 12 year olds, I would say at least half bought selfie sticks at the markets!!


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