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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Fashions!

Hi everyone! Today is Fashion Fun Day!! 
I like clothes, shoes & purses....they all make me happy.  As happy as a delivery from Mr. Brown with new paper pads for crafting.  As happy as a Dunkin Donuts Boston Creme numminess.  As happy as a pig in the mud. Hee Hee! 

Today I'm just posting some of my fashion wants.  I like to make up these cyber-boards for myself when I want to add a few things to my wardrobe.  I don't buy much each season, instead add a few pieces to what I already own.  I have worn the same size for awhile so I invest in nicer pieces when I can that I know I'll wear a lot.  Doesn't mean I spend a TON of $$$ on them, but just try to look for quality, classic pieces...good material and well sewn make a difference to longevity.  I'm not a brand-monger *unless it reads COACH*.  So I don't need Tory Burch, Citizen Jeans, Gucci clothing/accessories.  I may drool over it but at the end of the day I like my money to go a long way and keep it for more important purchases.

I don't have anything in my closet that cost me more than $75 (not including a black blazer and 2 dresses) that's another story and I cannot say how much I spend on "some" of those...."you know who" could be reading...aka hubby lol.  For me I don't feel I need to spend $300 on a pair of jeans no matter how well they if you do, that's ok...I just can't do it.  I wear Abercrombie jeans 99% of the time...they fit me well, they don't stretch out or shrink and come in all styles and colors/washes.  Plus on sale I can get two pair for $80...whoo hooo...and then I stock up..well not always but at least once a year!  I have a BIG issue with jeans...I have long legs, a long waist and no butt...seriously I lack up top and down back ahahahaha.  Especially if I've lost a few pounds those shrink even more...oy vey!  So when I find jeans that fit me well then I'm their girl!

My fave from Abercrombie are their Jeggings and their Super Skinnies (if you like bootcut well they have those too...bootcut jeans flatter most shapes as well).  They fit great and are soft and they STRETCH PEOPLE...they are comfortable, me luv :)  I like the skinnies because they tuck into boots fabulously and I wear boots 90% of the time in the Winter.  BUT when Spring & Summer roll around they look great with wedges, flats & cute sandals they are year-round wearable!  I'm not one to wear sweats or yoga pants unless I'm sick or working out...its just not me...I feel better in jeans or pants.  Same with sneakers...I don't wear them unless I'm working out or hiking.  I prefer heels, boots, flats or wedges and YES all of those are comfortable for me as well.  Its like makeup...I may not FEEL like putting it on but boy-o it makes me feel a bit better.  And you know what...if it gives me a little happy boost to get thru the day positively then I'm all for it.

I'm a pretty faithful fashionista...if I buy things that fit right, wear well and the cost is reasonable I will continue to shop at the store.  And gosh-forbid they discontinue something because I will LOSE IT..then cry..then mourn what was ;)  My fave go-to stores are Express, Abercrombie, White House/Black Market, Nordstroms and Victoria's Secret (for the clothes people, lol).

And I'm mostly an online I said once I find clothes that I like and fit well I can easily stock up online AND find an online coupon to use too (even better).  I shop quickly if I have to go to a store...I'm not a big browser, I get antsy.  I only go when I'm looking for something specific that I may need to try on in the store (like dresses, ugh--that ugh is because I love dresses but have the hardest time finding ones that I like/fit right).

So Bright Colors are IN IN IN this season!  
And you know what?  I'm loving them and so ready for pretty colors.  Spring cannot get here soon enough!!  So below are 2 of my current fashion boards of some things I want to add to my closet...some of the things I have already but I use pics of them to pull it all together.

I love yellow but my skin color does not wear it well.  I cannot wear it near my face or I look like I have the Swine Flu...I kid you not! <do not let that be a visual for you...I warned you>
Things I Have:
-the shoes, the belt & the earrings

What I Want:
-the white shirt with tiny polka dots (must have--from Victoria's Secret)
-yellow shorts 
(I prefer mine to have cuffs & be a tiny bit longer, so will look around)
-the Coach clutch 
(the clutch is pricey, will ask <beg> hubby for it for Easter..ahahaha)
-love the belt bracelet/bangle 
(its by Michael Kors and A LOT LESS than the one from Tiffany's but a very similar look)

and these cuties I {heart} too...look at the cute bow on top, I could see them in my closet & on my feetsies :)

Royal blue is one of my favorite colors to looks good on everyone!  I'm having a green-love-kinda-thing going on lately.  And paired with blue its fresh and perfect for Spring.  I have royal blue jeans I wore this winter with a blue/green shirt and I ADORED I need more...yes? LOL

What I Have:

-nail polish (Essie/Mezmerized--wear on my toes only tho)
-scarf (similar to this one)
-blue bangles (from Charming Charlie)

What I Want:
-blue shorts 
(these are from Express & I have them in many colors, they are fab)
-blue wedges (from Zappos)
-green shirt (also from Express, love the sheer sleeves)
-green bangles (from Stella & Dot)
-yesss another Coach purse (I'm an addict)
(love, love the patent leather & its actually a small crossbody...its def a want but not a need..well that's what hubby would classify it as lol)

Now does this mean I will buy it ALL?  Nah but I will most definitely get the stuff from Express...the shorts and the two shirts (with a coupon too...bonus!).  Both of those shirts will look AWESOME with white jeans, capris, skirt and shorts...and I have those white pieces in my wardrobe already.  The polka dot shirt will look cute with jeans too!  I will probably get some fun jewelry from Charming Charlie or Nordstroms although I do love Stella & Dot pieces.  The purses...well as much as I'd love both I will not get both.  I will ask for ONE for my birthday from hubby...probably the crossbody (and in boring white or brown cuz it will last over the next seasons) but boyyyyyy I do LOVE that clutch (sighhhh).  Will probably look for a cheaper version though and save my pennies for something else as its pretty trendy and I might not use it next year.  I like to buy pieces I will use over and over for those kind of prices KWIM.  And I am sure I can find some fun colored wedges at Off Broadway Shoes for a great price and I have store credit in the amount of $52 so that will get me close to two pair for Spring...whoot!

So that along with some flat-brown sandals and a new jean skirt is all I want for Spring.  I always add two white, and two black v-neck t-shirts to the mix too as you can always use those.  I prefer v-necks...they make you look thinner...really they do...they elongate your neck (hey I gotta help myself where I can).

What COLORS are you looking forward to adding to your wardrobe this Spring?
What is your GO-TO store to shop in for clothing?



  1. Hey Suzanne,

    Well, I typed a huge comment to your blog and I think it disappeared so I'll try again :) Isaac is watching Baby Mozart right now which ususally gives me about 20 minutes of computer time (he LOVES Baby Mozart!). I'm a huge fashion nut, but my budget doesn't let me act out on that nuttiness :) Back when I worked at a huge law firm and had a bit of extra money, I bought myself 2 pairs of Manolos, one pair of Louboutin's, and one pair of Chanel heels (I LOVE shoes, the taller the better). These were sample sales so just a ocuple hundred dollars each, but they are wonderful and I always feel so good in them :) I love bright colors in fashion, but for some weird reason, I'm hesitant to wear them (guess sometimes I don't want to stand out). I wear suits to work because I'm in court all the time, so I generally go to work in gray or black suits. The only fun I have with my wardrobe at work is my shoes (and jewelry, most of which I get on Etsy, I have a homemade, funky style of jewelry most of the time) :) My favorite stores are White House Black Market, Gap, Express, and Macy's. Now ask me what I can afford :) These days I shop at Kohl's and Penney's, just because it fits in the budget (hey, if I'm going to get my condo in Charletson, SC, I have to cut back somewhere right :) ). I do need some new nice pieces though. Before getting pregnant, I had put on a little weight. Now, I've lost so much weight, I'm in a size below what I was before getting pregnant so I need a few nice pieces for my new size (I can't take credit for this new size, I don't have time to exercise at all :) ). Anwyay, you have inpsired me to look for some bright colors this new season. Thanks for the post :)
    Hugs, Christine

  2. Hi, Suzanne. Love the skinny jeans, those would fit perfectly inside my cowboy boots when I go horseback riding. I love the fabulous colors that are showing up in stores for spring, they have lots of punch and you can stand out in a crowd. One of my favorite stores is Dressbarn/Ann Taylor because they both have classy new styles and I need to dress for the office occasionally. I say occasionally because I work from home most days and I am always in jeans and a T-shirt or sweater of some sort. However, my favorite jeans come from Levis at the Prime Outlet stores in Castle Rock, CO. Love my 545 bootcuts.
    Cathy Lee

  3. I am going to be looking for white as I noticed just yesterday my white items are looking kinda dingy. My go to store is Peebles. Liz S.

  4. I've admired your style when i see your pics. Classy and age appropriate but also very cute and fun. Thanks for sharing! ( ((Hugs))) angela mireles

  5. Suzanne are the Abercrombie Jeggings a low rise? With bending down with the kids all day I hate showing my booty crack. I have wanted some for my boots all winter but I just don't have the time to shop for myself. I am loving your site, I so can use fashion and organizing tips.. I am a mess!!

    Shelby Goolsby


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