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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Drool Worthy Home Decor!

I like to shop for fun things.  Really I like to shop online I should say.  I like that "Add to Cart" function even if I don't always check out, it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. And there is something so appealing about doing it in your jammies, in your favorite chair sipping on your favorite drink of choice (Cherry Coke for me..I know, no surprise there).

I am also an enabler. I like to enable because it makes me feel like I've made smart choices myself.  Less guilt on my part LOL!

So below are some things that have been "Added to My Cart" but I haven't pushed the CHECKOUT button yet.  These things are go in "Suzanne's Drool Worthy--HOME DECOR" category!

See them all HERE!
Because I love pretty things...because I love miniatures of most things..I am drooling over these!  I want them all...I have added a few to my cart.  How cool in the summertime would those glasses be filled with homemade strawberry pink lemonade and cute straws?  Yeah they need me!  And look at those tiny milk jugs..I have no real use for them...but I still want them.  Cute for a kids party too!

I love the character of this lamp from Joss & would look good in most rooms in my house...and its $60, not too bad.

I need an end table for my chair in my family room.  I have a skirted table that is literally on its last legs and the cats have wayyyy too much fun with it. This table is the right price, style & shape!

If you've never been to Joss & Main...well you are missing out...its like Homegoods online but soooo much better & the deals...whoowheee...are fab!  Even if you aren't into buying, they have great ideas for window shopping and dreaming!  Go HERE to see!

Ok confession time!  I am a glass/dinnerware addict.  I have cupboards full of new and antique. I love to pull different ones out each week to use. I don't think I'll ever have enough.  Shhhh don't tell hubby!  So I saw these in an ad by Martha Stewart dinnerware and immediately was hooked...they call to me, my new gray fetish that I'm going through.  But neutral enough for anything and good for everyday.  They are sitting in my cart at Macy's ;)  (pssst....they come in other colors too)

I love plants & flowers....of all kinds.  However I have a cat (ahem Tucker the Terrible) who eats everything that is flower related.  So I have 3 houseplants up on stands that he can't reach or get to..that's it.  If I have fresh flowers he tears into I have to keep them in my office with the door shut.  DRIVES ME NUTS!  So I like the idea of these Mini Hanging Terrariums from Pottery Barn..only $9 each...would be perfect hanging in front of each of my 3 kitchen windows over my sink filled with some pretty succulents.  Some living beauty that is unreachable for my cat ;)

I am also in need of bath towels.  Its something we never buy ourselves but have been gifted with in the past.  Well ours have seen their last day in my bathroom.  I love this style and color of bath towels from Pottery Barn.  I also like that I can buy just towels...not sets...I just need bath towels not everything else.  I want the porcelain blue color...I have 4 in my cart ;)

Do you ever shop at  They have some great deals over there, I always check them out when I'm looking for home-related items.  I'm in need of a large wall clock for our basement rec-room.  I had broke...due to over zealous cheering/jumping upstairs during the Super Bowl by your's truly & her fell off wall and broke...sniff sniff!  I want a black one as our basement is aqua, browns & black.  This clock I love & is for over the fireplace..its also in my "Cart" LOL!

 Last but not least are some goodies for my new office...yes it will match my blog...yellow, white & gray.  So I want some FUN, HAPPY items in there to make me smile.  This zebra plate will be cute on my bookshelf and can hold odds-n-ends.  And I need the mix of patterns and colors of these from Etsy...perfect for my office...3 please! :)  Etsy ALWAYS has cool, one of a kind things for your home, your body and more...and you support artists!

So what items are you drooling over currently for your home?? 
I'd love to never know...I may need to "ADD MORE TO MY CART" :)



  1. These are awesome, Suzanne. I love the neutral tones with the yellow pillows, so springy. I am in the market for a new dining room set. Need something elegant yet comtemporary, still looking. Hubby and I are also finishing the basement and I haven't been looking for much decor yet. That will come once it's done.
    Cathy Lee

  2. Some nice looking things. Love the towels in particular. Whew, any ideas on the best mattresses and boxsprings...I get overwhelmed just looking...LS


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