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Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Bedroom!

 Boy's Bedroom

Hi all!  I have been prepping and searching and shopping for all the new goodies for my son's new bedroom.  He's 15 and 6' his tiny twin bed doesn't really suit him anymore LOL.  He looks like a giant sleeping in a dwarf's bed I tell ya!  So the time has come to change up things..sigh..hard to do when he's still your baby.

So his current bedroom is upstairs with a twin bed, tall dresser and a dresser/hutch combine.  The furniture is all solid wood in a dark cherry color which we love but will probably sell as we have no use for it (Craigs List is calling)  He is a history buff so when we moved in 7 years ago we painted his room in a khaki and slate blue color and wallpapered one wall with civil war map wallpaper.  Was really he's ready for a big boy change.  So because he has to have a Queen bed now we have to move him to the basement.  His room is too small with a double closet and double window to fit everything.  So he will move into the guest bedroom and we will move the guest bedroom to our playroom/media room that never gets used down there.  So a big switcheroo.  His old bedroom will become my new office...its right across from my I will have a place to get messy in my studio and a place to sit and do blogwork, paperwork and the like.

The guest room is a soft terra-cotta color...not really suitable for my son.  So below is how it will all look.

The color scheme is charcoal gray, soft gray, black,white and pops of maroon (Redskin maroon that is).  Much more grown up and masculine and things that he could take with him to college and the like.

-Queen Bed and Dresser are from Ikea's "Hemnes" line (all in black/brown)
-the bookshelf is from Ikea's "Expedit" line and we already own it (we have some bins for lower shelves that will hold his t-shirts, socks and such..the upper shelves will be for books & displays)
-we will add the $50 desk addition to the far side of the Expedit for a desk as well/we already own a desk chair in gray
-Bedding is from PB Teen's NFL line..his will be charcoal gray with the Redskins motif of course (we are HUGE Redskins fans in this house)
-table lamp is from Ikea as well and I love that it adjusts up and down (only $19.99)
-may get him a pendant lamp to hang from ceiling as well...around $40
-Sherwin Williams gray tones on wall will be dark and the rest will be dove gray as there is only one high window in the room since its in our finished basement.
-and a couple Redskin pillows thrown in the mix for color
-the carpet in the room is cream so the background behind the pics above..well that's the 8x10 rug I'm ordering to go in room.

I also got some poster frames on sale at Michaels for him to put his sports posters & pennants on.  He's going to love it I know!!

I like to create theme boards like this...allows me to really play with colors, scale and furniture.  PLUS it helps my husband visualize it all...he's not so good at I'm here to help =)  And you gotta love Ikea for affordable furniture and accessories.  We were able to get Riley all new things for not a huge investment and he's not hard on his stuff so it will last awhile.

This weekend is the finalization of Alexa's room changes as stay tuned for actual "BEFORE & AFTER" photos of that too!

Any big re-dos of rooms in your homes coming up??



  1. Awesome themes there Suzanne, I just hate the upheaval that decorating causes! it sounds like it'll be great when it's all done, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished photos. Once my hub is back from working away, we'll be looking to buying a new house, I'm saving my big projects for then! xx

  2. I am redoing a bedroom, very simply, as it's a guest room that won't be used but a couple times a year. I have the bedding so I just need a bed and window covering. I had new oak doors and bamboo flooring installed in that room last summer. Also, new paint job in white. Your new blog has inspired me to start clearing out some stuff. In that process, I found a couple hundred dollars found in a dresser drawer. Using that that to go visit by 7 month old granddaughter Easter weekend. What fun! Thought you might enjoy that little tidbit :). Liz S.

  3. We are redoing the down stairs bathroom (we have 3 floors)for Nic. He moved to the bedroom down there a few years ago but had still been using his same bathroom upstairs. Now that he is away at college he gets a new bathroom to use a few months out of the year. Talk about backwards, but it will be all new and wonderful when get gets home mid May.

  4. Looks like the perfect room for a teen boy. The Redskin accessories are a nice addition as he's a big fan but easy to replace as he gets older. Love all the clean lines of the furniture. I agree there isn't a better value than IKEA!

  5. Wow, it will look fantastic!


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