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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Few Faves....

I know, I know....I've been on vacation for 2 weeks and I still haven't done a picture post.  I promise its coming..but I only have 2 weeks left with my daughter before we pack her off to college and I'm trying to make the most of my time.  Once that is done I will have LOTS of time to post all sorts of things here on the can't get family time back and that has always been my #1 priority.

But I thought I'd pop in here with a few of my newest favorite case you want them to be your newest fave things too..hahaha (or not)!!

BTW...I ordered this bag this week...thanks for all those that commented and voted on this post here...I ended up with the red but a different pattern.  I think I will love it!! You can make your own bag combo here too if you want ;)


I like to use some eyeshadow that has a bit of shine or sparkle in it on the middle of my eyelids, the corners and on my brow bone....makes me look more awake (thank god) and gives your eyes a lift..without the surgery $$.  I bought some of this CoverGirl Bombshell shine shadow while on vacation and I just love it!  It goes on like a balm...light & smooth and never too heavy and the color lasts, so its great for summertime.  I got the Ice & Copper colors but it comes in others...nice for days when you need a quick pick-me-up too but don't feel like putting on a full face.

If you follow this blog you know I have a slight obsession with dry shampoo because I have fine, dry hair that goes a few days between shampooing. I've tried many and love few let's put it that way.  I read a good review on this new Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo for colored hair and figured I'd try I had a $2 off coupon...bonus!  And you know what....its pretty darn good. Lightly smelling of roses but not overpowering, comes out in a nice wide spray and does a good job of soaking up oil.  So I definitely like it as a cheaper alternative to some of those more expensive versions.

Have you seen these?  They are pretty darn cool I tell fits over most containers (cups, water bottles, pitchers, etc) so makes it very versatile.  You can keep it near your faucet and use it whenever you'd like or carry it with you while you are you money on water bottles that's for sure! I really like it and the design was ingenious. 

If you love nail polish like I may want to try this?  A lot of the new glittery, textured nail polishes are a PAIN-IN-THE-A$$ to get off...literally my hand cramps up trying to get it off and that's with using a base coat.  So OPI came out with this base coat called "Glitter Off" and its AMAZING (hear me singing)!  So you put it on as a base coat, let it dry and then apply your textured nail polish on top. When you are ready to take it PEELS off pretty easily...GENIUS I tell ya..just genius!

Ever have a gap in your pants in the backside...does it make you've tried everything to no avail.  Then let me tell you about this cool product I makes it go away.  I have a couple pair of pants that I LOVE but they gap in the back so badly that I don't like to wear them when I have a tucked in shirt or a sweater that may rise up a bit.  And I don't want anybody seein' down my pants LOL!  These come in different colors but they work like magic, are under $9 and easy to put if you got a back-gap (hehehe) these are a quick solution.

Just a few things I thought I'd share........



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