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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Cupid Day!!

Hope you are having an enjoyable Valentine's Day!
I'm not a huge fan of the holiday...only because I think that while grand romantic gestures are nice...I prefer the smaller day to day things to show you love someone or that someone loves you.

For me those things include my hubby bringing me home my favorite donut on Sundays, helping clean the house on occasion, help me groom the dogs, let me sleep in, picks up take-out when I'm running behind during the day, gives great back rubs, picks up groceries, runs downstairs at night to get me a chocolate milk while I'm reading, doesn't give me grief over how much money I spend on Kindle books, makes sure my car is gassed up and warm during the winter and more. All those things are so much more important than candy & flowers...although they are pretty and the gesture is lovely I'd prefer to wait for something more meaningful.  But that's just me......

I have always gotten the kids and my husband gifts from Cupid.  When the kids were smaller that meant heart shaped sandwiches and pancakes, dipped strawberries and special cupcakes or cookies.  And of course some small gifts and a book.  Now that they are teens they still get the Cupid gifts but not the heart shaped food LOL!

I like to pack them up and display them with some of my Valentine Decor for them to discover!  This year I found the cute take-out boxes at Michaels and thought they'd be awesome for their sweet treats!

I always make some kind of Valentine for both of them....last year I made them these "Crush on You" valentines you can see HERE.  This year I found these free printables on Pinterest and knew they'd be cute on some Blow Pops and Tootsie Pops!  I just printed them on cardstock and cut them out, then cut two slits to slide the blow pops in.  I'm guessing next year I will be sending a box of goodies to Alexa at college...sniff sniff.

Due to some things going on right now I haven't had a chance to post how I made these Valentine pictures.  But I will have the post up next week with Easter ones and some that I made for my daughter's room.  So stay tuned for those instructions :)  The little milk bottles are from the Target Dollar Spot...I added the "Be Mine" with vinyl cut with my Cameo.

Super fun to make!

One of my daughter's gifts was a leather wrap bracelet from Lenny & Eva!  I'm obsessed with them and have ummm....a few different ones myself LOL!  I knew she wanted one and her fave color is teal/blue and I chose "imagine" because I want her to imagine her future, her dreams coming true, everything good in life I want her to think about!

One of my son's gifts was this T-shirt LOL...he's a big Anchorman fan so I knew he'd love this shirt and he did!!

For my husband he got a custom pillow I had made on Etsy at CoverLove for his study!  I just love it and hope he does too.  I loved the font and vintage feel and it looks great in the study too.  I've ordered some others that I customized and I will share those when they come in.  The gal is wonderful to work with and they make such unique and personal gifts!

I also got him this Swede Paracord survival bracelet...he's big on hiking/camping gear so I thought this would be cool for him to either wear or hook onto his backpack.  It has flint and string to start a fire quickly and an eye knife attached to it. This is the man who can spend 10 hours in REI and who has most everything...but THIS I knew he didn't have ;)  It also comes in lots of colors too!

Alexa and I also made some chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert tonight.  Wegmans had these GIGANTIC strawberries for dipping and what is better than chocolate and fruit right? mmmmmmm 
We did a couple with bowties & buttons with white chocolate just for fun too...easy dessert to make and so pretty!

Happy Valentine's Day My Friends!!!



  1. What a super fun post Suzanne. Just love the gifts you made for your family. What a lovely idea! That cushion is lovely, can't wait to see the others you have ordered. Stay warm, hugs Sharon x

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Love your decor items. So fabulous I can't wait to read how you made them.
    Are we not spoiled by our hubbies year round? They are so good to us. Mine is a house husband and does all the work around the house including the laundry...ALL of the laundry. My job is to work full time. LOL He gave me Ironman 3 in 3D for Valentine's and we watched it in the home theater last night. He knows what I like. I got him flowers and baked him Macadamia white chip cookies.
    Happy St. Valentine's Day.


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