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Friday, December 20, 2013

Rustic Country Shaker Ornaments!

Every year I choose a few ornaments to create for my trees because I love to and its a bit of a tradition. I've been making ornaments for my trees since I was first married and the budget was tight.  Now I do it because I enjoy it and it makes my trees unique and special for my family.  I keep a folder of Holiday Ideas full of magazine tear-outs that I've had for YEARS (long before Pinterest people lol) and dig through it! And I believe it was Country Living (I think) that made some similar ornaments but without the trees many moons ago...but I pulled it out this year because I saw the letter beads at Hobby Lobby that looked similar to those they had used.  They are inexpensive to create and you can customize them for your decor and taste!  These ornaments I finished later than I wanted in the season but that's ok...they're done and that's what counts right LOL!  

These are for my kitchen tree (above) which is more rustic and countrified and they look pretty scattered all over it because they reflect a bit of light.
I think they'd be also fab as gift toppers or table favors on each holiday plate! Change the sentiment to a name or nickname...just remember to not make them too long that they fit awkwardly in the ornament!

(sorry my tutorial pics during the project had some "issues", I think there was a smudge on my lens and I didn't want to reshoot, forgive me, please? lol)

Supplies I used for these:

-Some clear glass ornaments..whatever size you choose
-Rustic Letter beads like these
-Faux Snow
-mini bottle trees either bought or homemade 
-small pinecones
-some faux greenery
-ribbon of choice
-craft tweezers or regular tweezers
-hot glue gun

1) Pop off the metal hanger on each ornament.  Hold a bottle brush tree at the very top with tweezers and add hot glue to bottom of tree...quickly place brush in ornament where you want it (the tree will squish thru the opening). Let that dry for a few minutes.  (if your bottle brush tree has a tiny wooden bottom it may fit thru hole, if not clip it off and add glue to the bottom of the trunk instead)
2) While waiting glue your letter beads together to create a holiday sentiment...keep it short & sweet and hot glue the beads together where the holes are so you can't see them when you are finished.  Set aside.
3) Spoon or funnel in some faux snow...I used 2 spoonfuls in my ornaments but you can always add more or less.
4) Then put in beaded sentiment, pinecones and greenery and place the top/hanger back on the ornament.
5) I cut strips of burlap and hot glued it around the metal hanger to cover it.  I tied a simple knot with another strip of burlap through the loop of the hanger and glued on a simple gingham bow.

Here is one done without the bottle brush tree inside...I made a few variations of each for my tree.


Bag of Letter Beads - $2
Bag of Faux Snow - $1.50
Glass Ornaments - FREE (given to me)
Faux Greenery - Free (my stash)
Small Bag of Mini pinecones - $2
Burlap - Free (my stash)
Gingham Ribbon - Free (my stash)
TOTAL for 6 Ornaments:  $5.50

And that's it...quick and easy to make!  Switch them up and add different words or different objects inside of each ornament...that's what makes them special!!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love them! I might be able to make these for quick gifts! Hmmm!

  2. Fabulous makes, Suzanne. Your tree looks fabulous.


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